Night cooling system Ultra-Clima®

Night cooling system Ultra-Clima®

Average 24-hour day temperature
In some regions in the world higher night temperatures result in problems with crop conditions. A good average 24-hour day temperature must be achieved, and if this is not balanced, the plants are also not balanced. This results in production and quality losses and a worn-out crop, with all its consequences. This makes it challenging or impossible to grow a crop year-round, which is a key condition for local-for-local production.

In a number of regions, we detected that the average 24-hour day temperature was too high. This includes the East coast and the South of the USA; Japan; South Korea; and also the East coast of China. In these regions, daytime cultivation is no problem, but the nights fail to sufficiently cool off. Subsequently, the night temperature is too high, combined with high humidity rates, such over longer periods of time.

Night cooling system
For this purpose, KUBO developed a night cooling system that can be integrated in the existing Ultra-Clima system. This system enables us to cool down the night temperature to desirable levels, guaranteeing the optimal climate for the crop. This means the plants will be balanced in spite of the severe outdoor conditions, with optimised production and quality due to healthy crops.  The additional advantage is that the cooling system may also be used in daytime.

The invention
Cooling is achieved based on cold water-air heat exchangers integrated in the Ultra-Clima concept air treatment units. During the cooling process, the Ultra-Clima greenhouse functions as a closed greenhouse. Based on recirculating greenhouse air, the air is gradually cooled down to the required end temperature upon nightfall. Adequate insulation of the Ultra-Clima roof and wall system ensures minimal energy input during the cooling process.  

Project plan
For each specific project, we examine the long-term historical climate data for the construction site. This enables us to determine the right technology for each specific site. Naturally, this is followed up by a feasibility study, exploring the total cost and benefit to determine the return on investment.

KUBO is currently realising the first project with the Ultra-Clima night cooling system in Japan for rose crops. Calculations have demonstrated that the customer can grow significantly more roses locally with better quality and also with a better financial result. The system is created for growing a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruit and horticultural crops. We also expect new markets where growing crops is virtually impossible today will come within range with this system, such as sub-tropical and equatorial tropical climates.